Puja footage!

The crew here at SlingFin would like to thank all the wonderful people who were with us at the puja on April 2! If your thoughts were the only were the only thing that could be with us, please enjoy this footage shot and edited by the preeminently talented Viva Barrows. (You can see more of Viva's work here.)

Puja Ceremony - Blessing by Lama Tenzing from Slingfin on

If you didn't believe what I said about Tsering's voice in the previous post, here is the  proof.

Puja Ceremony - Tsering Wangmo New 1 from Slingfin on Vimeo.

Puja Ceremony - Tsering Wangmo New 2 from Slingfin

Photo - Jackie Moore

Mountain Trip just had a puja of their own. While the price for uploading videos from Everest is astronomically high, these clips will give you a general idea of how a puja is held. For more Everest puja shots go here.


Photo - Jackie Moore

One.. Two... Three... Flour!


Brian Larky & myself spitting some game to the The OneUp.



Lama Tenzing & Tsering Wangmo -Photo Jackie Moore


The list of thanks is too long to post!  We want to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to all the fine folks who made this event possible.

As with all things SlingFin does, this celebration for the people by the people, and we could not have done it without your support!

Thank You all.


The Puja was a win!

It took  alot of planning but the puja went off without a hitch. We had a turnout of more than 100 great people!

The food and drink were top notch, we had a fine spread of imported cheeses and a selection of Martins favorite German deli's cold-cuts and a keg of  damn good beer, Scrimshaw pilsner , from North Coast Brewery. But the "best in show" libations  by far were the fine Italian wines  selected by Dalla Terra:
> Inama Soave Classico - Veneto
> Ajello Nero d'Avola - Sicily
> Aia Vecchia Lagone - Tuscany
> Li Veli - Passamante - Puglia
> Marco Felluga Merlot - Friuli

Dalla Terra wines, who's founder Brian Larky  on top of being a fully rated pilot, 5th class whitewater guide, world class wine sommelier, and all around really good guy,  also happens to take stunning photos. He didn't bring his "good camera" but the shots he captured were still excellent, check out his puja smugmug here.

After the initial feeding frenzy died down, Lama Tenzing of the Palpung Lungtok Choeling Monstary arrived. He sat down and a serene silence filled the room.


Martin and Tim came to the front and kneeled down on a large crash pad in front of the holy man. He began to chant reading from a scroll, then reached into his robe pocket and pulled out a small baggie filled with rice.   He threw some grains to the North, South, East and West.   Just like that our new basecamp was well on it's way to being blessed.

Tsering Wangmo --Photo Jackie Moore

Then a beautiful Tibetan woman named Tsering Wangmo came to the front of the room.  She had a string instrument that I had never seen before called a Dramyen (i think) it had 6 strings in 3 sets of two. Each string in a set was under separate tension, when played it had a very interesting sound. She gave us a short intro of the songs she would sing, and then proceded to blow the room away. Her  voice was one the most enchanting and ethereal sounds I have ever heard a human produce.   The large concrete room reverberated with her song, I had the luck of sitting right in front of her.  The songs she sang shook my body and sent chills down my spine (in a good way). We found out later that she is very well renowned and has played at Carnegie hall.

The crowd was still ringing from the performance when a plate of barley flour was brought out and we were told to form a big circle. The plate was passed around and everybody took a small pinch. Tsering led us in a chant to finish the blessing, at the end of the chant everybody tossed the flour into the air. It was quite a sight to behold.







The rest of the time was spent giving tours of our design and production facilities and product demos.  Robert Link gave an epic slide show from his many travels all around the world.

This celebration was a big hit for SlingFin, it really got the company started on the right foot. Tons of good energy filled our space, and it shows no signs of leaving.  We even had a dove fly in the front door! (she also shows no signs of leaving;)

Now i gotta go sweep up some flour...



Sushi on Everest!

Our friends at MT have been honing their skills in preparation for the trip to the top.

Big thanks to laurie! Not only did she haul a L.F.D from the states to Basecamp, but she brought sushi too!

Life at basecamp seems like a lot of fun! They will have puja to bless the expedition and pay homage to the mighty mountain.

Puja @ SlingFin HQ!

The crew at SlingFin will be holding a traditional Puja on April 2nd.   If you love tents and find yourself in the Bay Area, come by and be some of the first lucky people to interact and play with these revolutionary structures! 

Puja stupa at Everest Basecamp Photo-Robert Link



Definition: Pūjā: performed as an offering to various deities, distinguished persons, or special guests.  It is done on a variety of occasions and settings, from daily puja done in the home, to temple ceremonies and large festivals, or important undertakings like climbing a mountain or beginning a new venture...

1300 Fifth Street    (on the corner of Fifth and Gilman)
Berkeley, CA 94710
Libations: Beverages and snacks will be served.
Parking: There is plenty of on-street parking.
Access: The event is wheelchair accessible.
Tours: Tours of our new home and products will be held hourly.
RSVP: This is an invitation only event and we must receive your reply for you to attend.  Please RSVP
by sending an e-mail to slingfin@gmail.com. 

-Photo-Robert Link