The OneUp has OneUp’ed itself!

The OneUp has been reimagined – bigger and better for 2014. The new floor area fills up the entire WebTruss to sleep 4+, but can also be clipped back to create vestibule space like the original rectangular body. It also has 4 windows/vents and 2 doors for unsurpassed ventilation.

They are being produced at the factory as we speak and will be available at the end of June. If you are interested, we are currently accepting deposits or pay-in-advance to reserve tents. Act quickly because the first batch of 10 already sold out!

OneUp 2014

new Hex Inner Tent Body

youngest to reach Aconcagua summit does so in SlingFin tents!

Congratulations to Tyler Armstrong – the youngest person in recorded history to reach the summit of Argentina’s Aconcagua mountain, which at 22,841 feet is the tallest peak in the Western and Southern hemispheres. Tyler Armstrong (9 years old) of Yorba Linda reached the summit on Christmas Eve with his father Kevin and our good friend, Tibetan sherpa and Mountain Link guide , Lhawang Dhondup, who has climbed Mount Everest multiple times. They used the following SlingFin tents to reach the summit: OneUp, HardShell and SafeHouse2.

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The Rouge River.

verdant |ˈvərdnt| adjective (of countryside) green with grass or other rich vegetation. • of the bright green color of lush grass : a deep, verdant green.

Every time I  head to oregon I am quickly reminded of its beauty, verdancy and abundance of generally nice people.

This trip was no exception, and what a trip it was. It was a good thing that we were packed to go rafting, having all the drybags and wet weather gear really came in handy when it decided to rain for days on end.

Devon and the OneUp enjoying the only sun on the trip.

When it comes to gear testing there was no better time to be on the river. The OneUp was a great asset when it came to hanging up all that wet gear from the internal guy lines, and the roll back floor allowed the water to drip right back on to the sand.

As usual everywhere we go people want to know.. What is that structure? We got asked that question buy just about every group that passed us, but this one fellow asked us for our website and I hollered SLINGFIN.COM! I was sure he didn’t hear me as he rushed down river, but sure enough a few days later this picture popped up in our inbox.. As it turns out his name was Steve Roelof, and on top of having great hearing, he takes stunning river shots & has a site called it is filled with beautiful pics.

OneUp on Rainier





The OneUp on a bluebird day. Mt. Rainier.

While the SlingFin crew was going through the paces on the “river of no return“…

The OneUp was getting put through the paces on Mt. Rainier.

One of the main goals of SlingFin is to produce the best gear possible with inferred design principals from real users, guides, and outdoor professionals.

The best way to do this is simple. Get the gear to the mountain and into a guides pack… Then tell them to beat it up.

The guides using the tents had some great responses to the design of the tent, and some even better ideas and feedback!

Yet another photo of a big mountain where all the tents in view were designed by Martin Zemitis.

Lions & Tigers & Spindrift… OH MY!

The OneUp is setting the standard for versatility in shelter systems.




The OneUP at Wildcat Camp 6, Point Reyes California.

The OneUp on Denali, With a crowd of guides checking out the goods.


With a debut on Everest and rigorous testing accross the varied climates of California, then off to Denali… Whats next?

The OneUp on the Carson River during the SlingFin rafting trip.


If somebody told me they were planing on taking a 4-season expedition tent on a trek through Africa, I would say that they need to have their head examined… Unless that tent was the OneUp.

The OneUp With Webtruss and fly tied up. Point Reyes CA.


The basic principle that the OneUp is based on; the WebTruss, is at the core of what makes this shelter so functional across the range of climates we have put it through to date.

More to come =D

SlingFin is making headlines!

No, its not because of the reports of U.F.O sightings on Gilman St..

The outer shell of a OneUP suspended above the inner tent.



It’s about L.F.D sightings on Everest!

The L.F.D in Camp 2 (21,300 ft) Photo- Mountain Trip.

“When a team of climbers reached the summit of Mount Everest on Thursday, they had a significant advantage over other teams this spring, many of whom were forced to turn back short of the world’s tallest peak by bad weather.”…..


……”Our goal is not to build this business up and sell it off. We’re not a marketing company; we’re a product-driven company that in the long run will translate into relationships with the people who appreciate this gear and will support it. In the short run it will be very challenging, but this is the way to properly brand the business in the long run.” Read the entire article here.


The OneUp: Not just for Everest.

Jim praising the waterfall

This past Weekend I had the chance to take a OneUp out to Point Reyes for a short backpacking trip with some friends. We hiked out to Wildcat camp which just happens to sit on a two mile unspoiled beach with a waterfall that shoots off the cliffs in to the ocean.

The OneUP at Wildcat Camp 6, Point Reyes Califorina

OneUp with Floor, Inner tent and Fly in place. Look at the tension! You could bounce a quarter off that fly!

OneUp with the fly rolled back for airflow and shade.


This structure never fails to impress me, every time I take it on a trip The OneUp gives me another reason I should  sell all my other tents and stop waisting time thinking about what  to bring on my next trek. This is the most versatile shelter I have ever inhabited. The OneUp adapts to the surrounding environment allowing you to actually occupy your tent during the heat of the day.

The fact that the Webtruss is a totally independent structure is what sets The OneUp apart from every other tent on the market.  The main goal of this structure is to be super versatile, think of the Webtruss as an exoskeleton that can adapt to your needs. 

Say it’s raining and your group needs a place to eat: Just stretch the fly over the frame and bingo you have a massive “single wall” floorless tent that will fit 5 people with room to spare! When you are done just reattach the inner tent body and you have a fully enclosed double wall bomb shelter, with two huge freestanding vestibules.



First Image of the One Up on Everest!

Today is a big day for us. The first images of the OneUp nestled in on Everest at 19,800 ft  have come in courtesy of Garrett Madison. The wind has been howling up there pushing gusts of +60 knots over night. Garett and two other guides spent the night in the OneUp with the inner body set up for warmth and extra protection. Reports were that the vent system works great in high winds, allowing for minute changes in the zipper apex in order to control spindrift and airflow. The crew at AAI have been putting the SlingFin systems to the test in some of  the harshest conditions anywhere on earth. We gave Garett a custom Easton Carbon Fiber pole set for this expedition, shaving almost a pound off the total weight of the tent.

We are very happy to provide this level of high-end gear supply to guide services on Everest. We see it as a mutuality beneficial relationship. They get a supply of what may be the finest expedition shelters ever made, and in return they get to beat the living bejezzus out of it, and come back with advice and design ideas that are impossible to test under average conditions.



B.F.D in E.B.C!

Welcome to Everest!

The B.F.D standing strong!

The crew at Mountain Trip have been working hard setting up a stout and luxurious basecamp! The B.F.D will be main meeting place for the team while in EBC, and will be the “dome away from home” for the basecamp managers over the next six weeks! It safely houses a staggering array satellite phones, solar power cells, batteries, laptops, BGAN and other communication equipment. In addition to this  it will be the dining tent for 20+ people.

A crowd of sherpas gather to see what all the buzz is about.


As the team moves higher on the mountain the group shelters need to adapt to the conditions and become smaller, lighter, stronger! Enter the OneUp…

The OneUp is the most functional tent in our line, main goal of this structure is to be hyper versatile.  Think of the Webtruss as an exoskeleton that can adapt to your needs.MMMM... spacious...

The OneUp with four chairs!-Photo-Jackie Moore

Say the weather is pounding and your group needs shelter : Just stretch the fly over the frame and you have a massive “single wall” floorless tent that will fit 5-6 people with room to spare!   After your meal, reattach the inner tent body and you have a fully enclosed “double wall” bomb shelter that will sleep 2-3, with two huge freestanding vestibules.  This is what the OneUp will be used for in Camp-2.

OneUp with floor.