More beauty from Iceland

Here’s another recent pic from Eskimos Iceland.

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Product testing of the SlingFin CrossBow 2 tent on Mt. Yariga-Take (Japan)

Our Korean Superstar Jin recently took 2 protos of the CrossBow 2 tent on his recent summit of Mt. Yariga-Take in the Japan North Alps. Here are some photos and feedback from his trip.

Performance wise, these two tents were OUTSTANDING with proper setup.

o There was very strong wind all through the night on top of the Mt. Yariga-Take because of typhoon but both tents performed well with no issue at all.

o There is no question that CrossBow2 tent is very strong with trekking pole setup but even with wing pole setup (supposed to be weakest setup), I didn’t see any issue even under typhoon, if setup properly (proper pitching and guying)

Light Weight Tents! Love it!

o Both tent were light (2.1kg and 2.5kg)! That’s really good weight as strong double wall tent that we can actually use for 4 seasons!

o All the mesh pockets inside were VERY useful as always!

o Tent body provided me more than enough space for solo climbing with very comfortable headroom as well

o Vestibule provided me big space to hold 2x100L back-packs. Great!

Top With Tyler

SlingFin tents were recently used as part of a training session with Tyler Armstrong. Tyler is the youngest to summit Aconcagua and has many more summits in his sights. The mountaineering training session took place on the north side of Mt. Adams and was led by Robert Link and Lhawang Dhondup.

more HardShell pics from Iceland

This time from Jökulheimar (Glacierworld) which is a mountain hut really close to Vatnajökull Glacier.

“The Night on the Glacier” at the Chamonix Mountain Festival

Valandre and SlingFin joined forces to offer a special one night under the stars on the glaciers high above Chamonix. There were only 6 spots available (fully booked) and the participants got to test Valandre's new expedition sleeping bags and SlingFin's SafeHouse tents. Add in Guide François Lombard (former world champion in rock climbing), fondue, white wine and a snow storm and what resulted was simply described as a “magical” atmosphere. Check out some on the photos and mark in on your calendar for next year's to do list.

SlingFin SafeHouse tents on the Entreve Glacier

Fondue, White Wine and a Snowstorm!

The OneUp has OneUp’ed itself!

The OneUp has been reimagined – bigger and better for 2014. The new floor area fills up the entire WebTruss to sleep 4+, but can also be clipped back to create vestibule space like the original rectangular body. It also has 4 windows/vents and 2 doors for unsurpassed ventilation.

They are being produced at the factory as we speak and will be available at the end of June. If you are interested, we are currently accepting deposits or pay-in-advance to reserve tents. Act quickly because the first batch of 10 already sold out!

OneUp 2014

new Hex Inner Tent Body