Go shred ‘lil dude!

The Start House has been put in to use by a youth ski team as, you guessed it, a Start House!

The team placed the tent at the top of the ski run for a place to stay warm, tune skis and review the video from the last run without glare.

The door is so wide on this tent that the 'lil shredders can ski right out the door and down the slopes.

The Start House is made almost entirely of ET70 fabric coated with titanium dioxide, giving it tremendous staying power.  The Start House could be left there for seasons on end, but as it turns out, the instructors liked the mobility of the shelter, moving it to multiple runs in the same day.

This very Start House is currently on its way to Nepal with a team of russians attempting an unclimbed peak.

We will keep you posted on that.


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