New sticker program is here!

Drawing of our LFD by a SlingFin friend. Insta: @drawntohighplaces

Drawing of our LFD by a SlingFin friend Insta:@drawntohighplaces

Hello SlingFin family and friends,

     We recently made some new stickers to give out and help promote our brand. They are also PVC free, helping us to further eliminate our ecological footprint!
 In order to get your free sticker, send an email to: with the following:

  • Mailing address
  • Color Preference (see photos)
  • A friend's email (optional)

     We would appreciate your help in spreading the SlingFin name and getting these stickers out. To help us:

  • Send us a friend's email and we will message them saying that you recommended them for our newsletter
  • If they sign up, you will get an additional sticker free!
  • Anyone who has 3+ friends sign up will become a SlingFin VIP

As a SlingFin VIP:

  • You will become a priority contact
  • Be the first to receive any updates
  • Get access to special promotions
Happy Adventuring,
The SlingFin Team


Negative image


Positive image 

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