Thoughts and Hearts

We are thankful to hear that our friends at Mountain Professional are all safe after the devastating ‪#‎NepalEarthquake‬. Click here to read the latest updates.
Our thoughts and hearts go out to all affected.

Be With Nepal

Be With Nepal

2 thoughts on “Thoughts and Hearts

  1. sounds like our friends at Mountain Trip are safe as well.

    “Morning Update from Everest. Helicopters are shuttling climbers down from above the Khumbu Icefall. Jacob Schmitz is doing well and will remain at EBC to help out until everyone is down. Scott Holder is still in Lukla and hoping to get a flight to Kathmandu. David and Alisha Germer are on a bus heading to Kathmandu.”

  2. from Alpine Ascents International (AAI): We just received word that climbers are back in Base Camp. We have a few staff members/Sherpa that were at Camp II and should have arrived at base camp as well or to be flown shortly. Team will remain at base camp and regroup while assisting with ongoing efforts. Other groups have also been flown down and some awaiting heli flights with the hope that climbers and Sherpa from all teams are back in BC in the next few hours.

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