new 3-season tents in the works!

SlingFin 3-season tent

SlingFin is known for making some of the strongest mountaineering tents in the world.  We set out to make lighter and stronger 3-season tents that are more versatile than any other tents on the market.  Most of our new designs use a combination of tent poles and trekking poles, which make our tents much stronger and creates roomier vestibules.

Significant features of our 3-season tents

  • Length. Most companies are saving weight and cost by making tents that are smaller. Our tents are longer and actually fit most users, while still providing equal or greater strength at equal or less weight.
  • The WebTruss makes it much easier for users to pitch tents in high winds and difficult conditions.
  • Our new designs do not have guyout requirements for the trekking poles.