another great review of the HardShell

check out this recent review of the SlingFin HardShell tent from Outdoor Gear Lab.

Here’s how it starts:

The SlingFin HardShell tent is the equivalent of Air Force One for mountain climbers and polar explorers. Its innovative design and premium materials make the tent reasonably lightweight (12 lb. 4 oz. with carbon poles), easy to setup, and castle strong. It's like a portable luxury suite for the world's most heinous conditions.

Winner Winner Indus Chicken Dinner !!!

Just announced today at the outdoor show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, the SlingFin HardShell tent is the proud recipient of a Gold Outdoor Industry Award!!! (only 11 products received this honor for outstanding achievement in terms of design and innovation).

During the judging session, the panel of experts placed a particular focus on such evaluation criteria as the degree of innovation, design quality, workmanship, choice of materials, environmental compatibility, sustainability, functionality, utility, safety and trendsetting character and brand value/branding.

winner of Gold Award

You can see all 11 Gold Award winners here.

Breakin’ Wind Part Deux

Not to be outdone, the OneUp (w/ .380″ poles) also took its turn in the wind tunnel

Once again – no guy lines were used during the test

34 mph

39 mph

45 mph

50 mph!!!

Some quotes heard during the test:

“This is a MONSTER…”

“can’t believe this tent still stands with this wind!”

“Martin did something great in his WebTruss structure, didn’t expect this structure with this height as almost 170cm can withstand against this high wind!!!! This is amazing…”

I wonder what people will say when we test the OneUp with .490" tubing and guy lines?
















Breakin’ Wind

here are some photos from a recent wind tunnel testing of the SlingFin HardShell tent (w/ .351″ poles)

Note that no internal or external guy lines were used

gentle 42 mph breeze

44 mph

51 mph

SlingFin HardShell wind tunnel testing

a stiff 58 mph!

The wind tunnel won’t stand a chance if we were to guy out the HardShell or use the .380" diameter poles!!!