There is a new player on the mountain..

Meet the SlingFin SafeHouse.

Ok, so it may be true that we are an easily excitable bunch..

But we are really really excited about this one.

We took a classic award winning design and made it better.

The SafeHouse has a unique pole design that solves some of the issues with previous tents in this category,  that have become “accepted”.

This shelter also has rear tunnel vent/extended vestibule/ emergency exit. This drawstring portal allows for weather safe, convenient access to equipment that needs to be close at hand.


A small external vestibule pole is employed to create an extremely useful vestibule that can accommodate a small horse.

Stay tuned for reviews from the mountain....

Robo Climber has reached High Camp!

The immediate and resounding response we received only reassured what we already knew, Robert Link is loved and respected by almost everyone he has interacted with. We are so close to raching our goal, but we need your help. Tell your friends, tell your family, if you have love for the mountains and the people who donate their lives to guiding us safely through them.

Please visit to help out.