The BFD is back in town!

Our good friends at Mountain Trip have begun the Everest season in style. But they always do that!

With these folks, it’s hard to tell if the photos are taken at Advanced Base Camp or a five star hotel.

In a sense it is a five star hotel; sushi at 17598 ft, fine handwoven rugs and the most advanced base camp dome ever built. It all adds up to be a very nice package.

Serki & Ania. Sushi at 17598 ft! -Credit Mountain Trip.

The team seams to be in very good shape.. and with the M.T team behind them they are set up to succed.

Best of luck to all the climbers! The SlingFin team is rooting for you!

Lookin good in the BFD! -Credit Mountain Trip.

Wheres the party? It's in the big dome of course! The BFD is a beacon of safety. -Credit Mountain Trip

RoboClimber has reached Lukla!

Go Robo GO!

The term “seasoned mountain guide” often conjures up an image of a tough and temperamental veteran of altitude who has seen it all and lived to tell about it. But anyone who has ever been a client of Robert Link knows that there exists another kind of guide who, besides an unyielding concern for safety, is generous with encouragement and whose interests go much further than simply how many clients have reached the summit this year or that. Soft-spoken and genuine to a fault, Robert is known for his dedication to helping clients achieve their goals. Central to his philosophy is the idea that a guide can be much more than just a guide; he or she can also be a teacher and a friend.
Robert began his climbing career at age seven when he climbed Mount Adams with his father. Since that time he has summited Mount Rainier over 300 times and climbed extensively throughout the world, leading numerous successful expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Antarctica, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Italy and Alaska, to name a few. His climbing resume lists dozens of successful ascents on such high-altitude giants as North America’s McKinley and Orizaba, South America’s Aconcagua, Chimborazo, Illimani and Cotopaxi, and the Himalaya’s Kanchenjunga, Cho Oyu and Everest.
In 1989, he was the fifth American to summit the North Face of Kanchenjunga one of the sacred summits and the third highest in the world . He summited the North Col Route on Everest in 1990 with climbers from China and Russia as part of the International Peace Climb the most successful Everest expedition to date it still stands in the Guiness Book. He lacks just one peak (Carstensz Pyramid or Kosciuszko, depending on who you ask) to achieve success reaching the highest summits on each of the seven continents.
Robert is known for his skills as a professional guide, combining a knack for teaching mountaineering techniques with a thorough, logical approach to safe guiding. People who have been on trips with him have remarked on his calmness under pressure, his love for cultural history, his ability to forge group solidarity and his genuine enthusiasm for seeing his clients realize their goals. Robert likes nothing better than to put his experience and knowledge at the service of those who share his passion for the mountains.
Robert and his wife Cari live in Bend, Oregon, with their son, Dalton.

If you know Robo you will understand why there is such a  swell of support to help get him back on the mountain. 

Take a look at his resume: 

Climbing Resume
300 summits of Mount Rainier (14,410′)
21 expeditions on Mount McKinley (20,320′)
1 expedition on Mount Hunter (14,235′)
5 expeditions to Everest (29,035′) (Summit on the most successful Everest Expedition in History)
Kangchenjunga (28,208′) fifth American to summit the third highest peak in the world
Cho Oyu (27,766′). Lead guide for 100% successful expedition via the Tibet side.
Dhaulagiri (26,795′). Group reached 25,300′
4 successful guided climbs of Kilimanjaro, Africa
15 expeditions on Aconcagua, Argentina (22,835′)
13 climbs of Cotopaxi (19,348′)
13 climbs of Chimborazo (20,701′)
Guided 6 climbs of Popcateptl, Mexico (17,800′). Has been closed over 15 years due to volcanic eruptions
Guided 22 climbs of Pico de Orizaba, Mexico (18,700″)
Guided 17 climbs of Ixtaccihuatl, Mexico (17,342′)
Guided 6 climbs of Illimani, Bolivia (21,003′)
Guided 8 climbs of Huayna Potosi, Bolivia (19,975′)
Westface of Jahntugan, Russia (14,728): First American ascent with Ed Viesturs.
Guided 2 climbs of Mt. Elbrus, Russia (18,501′)
Italian side of the Matterhorn
Wilderness First Responder
U.S. Avalanche Level II
Leave No Trace Trainer
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