SpinArt @ SlingFin!

Every friday we try to decompress a little by having SpinArt party!

You remember spin art right? well ours is a little different.   Jim ” re-programmed” an old box fan we found in the trash, and after going  all "Office Space" on the forgotten air circulating device, we decided to salvage the motor and what was left to make an art machine!

The premise is simple: attach the object you desire to enhance, begin high speed rotation, apply paint and remove.

Easy right?

Turns out, even with a design house filled with creative artistic people and beer, the best SpinArt, time and time again, came form this little tyke.

Meet Isabella Sunshine. She is the daughter of Tim Baka one of our founders.

This little girl rocks so steady. Upon her very first introduction to SpinArt she was blowing our minds in no time! I mean with catch phrases like "NICE... DUDE!" and "BAM-BOOM" who could resist? She was even giving us fist pounds saying " Bump it dude" upon completion of her artwork.

We find that this type of atmosphere is the most conducive to good design and can be inspiring when you least expect it.

Everyone is relaxed an the mind is in a fluid state (albeit fluid beer) and there is no wrong question, no right answer, only possibilities. You want to glue that to that? Do it. You want to make a crossbow out of tent poles? Sweet. Want to pick out some fabric, cut out a pattern and sew it together and have "Little Miss Sunshine" smack some stellar SpinArt on there? Yeah we can do that for you.

Custom baby!


For instance, a freshly made piece of spin art fell face down on the floor, and this gave us all a communal light bulb. I cant tell you what it is just yet, but keep an eye on the blog for a chance to win one of a kind SlingFin goodies!

What ever you do, do it.


Logos, Beer Goggles and Halloween...

With all the mad-science going on around here it is easy to get carried away, we get funky-weird-crazy all the time around the shop.  Good thing The Bay Area celebrates halloween for a week or more. When people asked me what I was today, I said…

” I’m the conceptual marketing department for the ideological social networking interface”

Most people didn’t get that.

I was just the idea of a concept trying to sell itself, to itself.

 Some people didn’t get that either.

Happy Halloween!

-A, Weirdo