The L.F.D on Broad Peak.

The Altituide Junkies crew have returned from an expedition to Broad Peak.

From the Altitude Junkies blog:

“We have now finally arrived in Base Camp after six long days trekking and will be enjoying some well deserved rest over the next few days while we establish our base camp.


For this Broad Peak expedition we are very pleased to be using the LFD dome made by SlingFin as our dinning and communication tent. The guys behind SlingFin, Martin and Tim, are two of the original guys who started Mountain Hardwear so we expect them to be knocking out some awesome tents in the future with the SlingFin product line.


After we have base camp established with all our communication and solar equipment set up we will then make plans to start to fix rope to camp one and get some acclimatization rotations in.


The above photos show the view of K2 from Broad Peak base camp and our members enjoying lunch in our SlingFin dining dome.


-Phil Crampton"

Phil is a well seasoned mountain guide who really knows his stuff, his insights and comments from the field are invaluable to us back at our own base camp in Berkeley.

Thanks for the kudos Phil! We hope to get your team in a B.F.D for the next expedition.

Prototype development on Mt.Rainier.

Michael Horst is a mountaineer who has recently added a page to mountaineering history.

This past May he summited Everest and Lhotse in 21 hours, making him the first human to accomplish such a feat.  He was followed by another team of climbers led by Garett Madison, who were using the L.F.D on their expedition.

Being a good friend of SlingFin and with his recent accomplishments, we offered Michael a prototype of a tent we are developing called the Hardshell.

The Hardshell is the smallest of our alpine tent line designed to be pushed up high on the mountain and shelter 3-4 climbers and gear. Built around the Webtruss the Hardshell has all the advantages of the OneUp in a smaller lighter package and a full pole supported vestibule.

Michael got the Hardshell to 11,000ft at Ingraham Flats on Mt.Rainier and came back with great reviews and some stunning photos. This little fortress is in the final stages of development and with its recent performance in the field, we are certain it will be a driving force as strong as those it was designed to withstand.

We are also working on a few other models and if you look closely at the album on Facebook you may be able to spot them...

Tell me what you find and ill send you a sticker!

Happy Trails.



Go shred ‘lil dude!

The Start House has been put in to use by a youth ski team as, you guessed it, a Start House!

The team placed the tent at the top of the ski run for a place to stay warm, tune skis and review the video from the last run without glare.

The door is so wide on this tent that the 'lil shredders can ski right out the door and down the slopes.

The Start House is made almost entirely of ET70 fabric coated with titanium dioxide, giving it tremendous staying power.  The Start House could be left there for seasons on end, but as it turns out, the instructors liked the mobility of the shelter, moving it to multiple runs in the same day.

This very Start House is currently on its way to Nepal with a team of russians attempting an unclimbed peak.

We will keep you posted on that.


SlingFin wants to change the way you think about tents.

Yes this is the inside of a tent, but this is not just any tent; this is the BFD!  @ 23 ft across and 415 square ft weighing in at only 72 pounds this is the largest tent for the weight available for mountaineering. And its incredibly strong too, it has proven itself on Everest.