International Peace Climb

Tomorrow evening the 25th anniversary of the International Peace Climb will be celebrated in Seattle, WA. In 1990, when most of the world was at odds with each other, a group of people from the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, and China took it upon themselves to make a statement. A statement made by having the most successful summit of Mt. Everest, with a total of 20 people from the group reaching the summit over several days. Proving that a group of people from different countries could work together as one with a common goal.

The message, however, was not just that they could summit a mountain together. Rather, they were also making an environmental statement. The timeline they had for summiting coincided with the 20th anniversary from the first Earth Day. They wanted to bring awareness to the fact that we need to work together to take care of the planet we live on and demonstrated this by clearing over two tons of garbage from the mountain. Expedition leader, Jim Whittaker, said, “When our team left Base Camp, you couldn’t tell another human had been there.”

One of SlingFin’s own was honored enough to have been a part of this historic event and will also be in attendance. Robert Link, a lifelong mountaineer, was one of the 20 people of that expedition to summit Everest. Link has summited Mt. Rainier over 300 times and climbed extensively around the world.

As well as this being a reunion for the members of that original group, this gathering is also being held in hopes to once again raise awareness that it is time to join forces and start addressing the issues that the earth is facing.

“We’ve invited the leaders of our countries to talk to the team on Mt. Rainier—just like they spoke to us on Mt. Everest in 1990,” said Whittaker. “Presidents (H.W.) Bush, Gorbachev and Li Peng all called us—we had one of the very first satellite phones. They sent said that working on behalf of world peace and a clean environment was the most important thing we would ever do. It would be great to hear the same message from today’s leaders!”

All attending members of the team will travel together from Seattle to Mt. Rainier National Park. This is where they first met and trained for Everest in 1989. An official ceremony will be held at the mountain on the United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21st, followed by an anniversary celebration dinner in Paradise Lodge.

The following is information obtained from a press release Mr. Whittaker’s office sent out:

The public is invited to two special events, with slide shows by the team and a screening of the video about the 1990 climb, “Three Flags Over Everest,” narrated by Robert Redford.

The first is on Thursday, September 17 at 7:00 PM, at The Mountaineers Program Center, 7700 Sand Point Way, Seattle WA. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students and children, and may be purchased in advance at The Mountaineers. Advance purchase is encouraged, as seating is limited. All proceeds benefit The Mountaineers conservation and youth programs.

The second is a free event on Sunday, September 20 at 8:30 PM, in the lobby of Paradise Lodge, in Mount Rainier National Park. Seating is limited and is first-come, first-served.

SlingFin wants to change the way you think about tents.

Yes this is the inside of a tent, but this is not just any tent; this is the BFD!  @ 23 ft across and 415 square ft weighing in at only 72 pounds this is the largest tent for the weight available for mountaineering. And its incredibly strong too, it has proven itself on Everest.

Lions & Tigers & Spindrift… OH MY!

The OneUp is setting the standard for versatility in shelter systems.




The OneUP at Wildcat Camp 6, Point Reyes California.

The OneUp on Denali, With a crowd of guides checking out the goods.


With a debut on Everest and rigorous testing accross the varied climates of California, then off to Denali… Whats next?

The OneUp on the Carson River during the SlingFin rafting trip.


If somebody told me they were planing on taking a 4-season expedition tent on a trek through Africa, I would say that they need to have their head examined… Unless that tent was the OneUp.

The OneUp With Webtruss and fly tied up. Point Reyes CA.


The basic principle that the OneUp is based on; the WebTruss, is at the core of what makes this shelter so functional across the range of climates we have put it through to date.

More to come =D

SlingFin is making headlines!

No, its not because of the reports of U.F.O sightings on Gilman St..

The outer shell of a OneUP suspended above the inner tent.



It’s about L.F.D sightings on Everest!

The L.F.D in Camp 2 (21,300 ft) Photo- Mountain Trip.

“When a team of climbers reached the summit of Mount Everest on Thursday, they had a significant advantage over other teams this spring, many of whom were forced to turn back short of the world’s tallest peak by bad weather.”…..


……”Our goal is not to build this business up and sell it off. We’re not a marketing company; we’re a product-driven company that in the long run will translate into relationships with the people who appreciate this gear and will support it. In the short run it will be very challenging, but this is the way to properly brand the business in the long run.” Read the entire article here.


Moonrise over the L.F.D.

Moonrise over the L.F.D @ Camp 2. Photo-Neal Beidleman

We have received many amazing photos from Everest this season, and one thing keeps coming to mind; a large majority of all the tents on this mountain were designed by Martin Zemitis.

Martin has been designing outdoor since he was in high school, and SlingFin is the culmination of the past 30+ years of his experience. The materials in SlingFin tents are not revolutionary;  but the manner in which they are applied most definitely are.

In a way, every shelter he has made was a prototype for our current design model. The proper use of fabrics and materials in the right places, in order to provide the highest level of function and strength for the required conditions.



Ephi just waiting to get into his tent

Thanks to the strong and experienced guides at Mountain Trip, they had a 100% summit success!

All the comforts of home in our big dome! Laurie brings sushi to base camp.


And what from what i’ve seen from the crew so far, this group does it right. Sushi at base camp? Labatts beer at Camp 3 @24,500ft ?  Days of extras oxygen at Camp 4? Sounds like Mountain Trip pulls out all the stops for their clients, add to that guides like Scott Woolums and Bill Allen who have spent more nights in the back country than an alaskan bear cub, and you have a recipe for a solid expedition team.


Alpine Ascents’ website officially reports: At 4:22 am on May 20th 2011, Garrett Madison, Tom Halliday and Kami Rita Sherpa made the summit of Lhotse!

This is a truly amazing feat of mountaineering in all aspects of the sport. The level of skill and sheer endurance that this type of climb requires is possessed by very few people on this earth.

Garett Madision and his Rain-on tech box that allowed him to tweet from the summit of both mountains